IO6: SymfoS for Youth Care Guide for Support & Peer Buddy System

SymfoS for Youth Care follows a multi-level approach (beneficiaries, practitioners, peers, youth and social workers, stakeholders in youth work and education). An important element in this regard is the peer-buddy system. Trained SymfoS practitioners are to accompany and oversee this important process. Framework requirements for implementation of a support system for the young clients are also being described.

It is expected to extend impact to potential peers as part of this Intellectual Output. This Guide on peer support, as part of the overall curriculum, will significantly contribute to ensure that the results of the SymfoS Erasmus Plus project will impact beyond the life of the project.


The principles of “best practice” necessitate the need to implement the SymfoS method in the long-term.

We will validate the Guide to insure the transferability of it to several target groups and countries.


Target groups for transfer guide: all the people that are in touch.