IO5: SymfoS for Youth Care F2F Training Development

Development of “Train the Practitioner” curricula and skills profiles, so that suitable staff can be selected and trained to offer and apply SymfoS for Youth Care. All potential attendees of the intensive training (6 days) must fulfil the preconditions for using the methods.

These preconditions are explained in our skills profile. As a minimum precondition, all participants must have a professional qualification in an area of social work/education/psychology/youth work/health and social care/careers guidance or be studying a course in this area at a university.

The training curricula (basic training and advanced qualification) lay out the learning and application of the developed methods and the use of the individual tools.

Train the Practitioner seminars are held as follows:

First, we offer transnational training in Germany and Spain, followed by national training in all the partner countries.


The target groups are social pedagogical specialists in youth work/ youth social work and students of social/work/ education/psychology.