IO4: SymfoS for Youth Care Distance Training Course Development

The training of professionals in youth work is essential for the implementation of the SymfoS for Youth Care methodology and Toolkit. Therefore, it is one of the key IOs of the project. The innovative element will be to blend face-to-face training with online elements.

For the distance training we´ll use an e-learning platform where participants can choose a course. The methodology to be followed during the course is an online learning itinerary with based on practices both prepared and based on own experiences in the SymfoS for Youth Care method elaborated in IO3 and tools in IO2. An online learning pathway is to be developed.

Expected impact: Distance training for SymfoS for Youth Care will support training and ease implementation of the SymfoS methodology.


We´ll focus on the strengths and opportunities of the SymfosS for Youth Care method to support professionals in their daily youth care work and support to young people.

Target groups to carry out the training are youth and social workers providing support to young people and families, careers and educational counsellors, teachers, etc.