IO2: SymfoS for Youth Care Intervention Set

The (further) development of SymfoS for Youth Care based on the results of previous projects and the results of IO1 (scientific foundations and national adaptation plans) is a key element of the project SymfoS for Youth Care.

The development of IO focuses on various interventions with different goals:

a) Basic assessment tool for Initial Clearing
b) Planning Pathway: can be used for the start of the counselling process
c) Resources and Skills Pathways: Advice on interests and strengths (resources and skills); work on resilience, reviewing learning experiences
d) Exploring “Islands of Emotions”: Clarifying the emotional state of the client, feelings with regard to the coming months. Themes such as decisions, goals and pathways can also be explored.
e) Exploring “Inner Images”: Depiction and reflection on inner images that are linked to specific subjects, identifying fears and blockages, developing management strategies. The sequence for counselling is a very innovative element: all scenarios follow the sequence:

First the clients begin by choosing their symbols. Then they must present them and the supporting group (peers) has the opportunity to ask related questions. Next the supporting group gives feedback about their perceptions of the presentation and the work done. This leads to interpretations by the whole group, led by a youth worker. Finally the client and youth worker agree specific plans.

This IO is published on our website and as a paper version.


TARGET GROUPS: Services that support young people in developing their decision-making and self-reflection capabilities.