IO1: Research paper and National Adaption plans for Implementing Symbol Work

This IO provides a basic understanding of the presence of symbol work in youth support. Symbol work should be understood in an academic context and an understanding of the requirements and opportunities for implementation in different socio-pedagogical and psychological approaches are described.

Thus, the specific approach of SFYC symbol work can be laid out and the goals and application areas of these methods can be described, as well as the obstacles and barriers in guidance work with symbols for this target group.  The national adaptation plans serve to accommodate the different framework conditions in the partner countries and formulate a strategy for implementing this approach into national curricular in the area of social pedagogy.

The innovative aspect of this IO is that until now there has been no academically substantiated classification of symbol work methods and this is required as a basis for developing the training curricula (for vocational education and colleges).

Target group: potential partners in the participating countries and future users of the methodology, multipliers and educational policy decision makers in Europe.

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